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Inception Workshop on Climate Change and Rural Livelihoods

Date: 3rd February 2011

Time: 8:00am to 1.00pm

Venue: Fairview Hotel Nairobi

 Climate change is currently one of the major challenges facing the world. This is particularly so for Sub-Saharan Africa, which has minimal capacity to build resilience against its effects. Climate variability and change and associated droughts and floods directly affect agricultural production and food security given that most of the population in Africa lives in the rural areas and relies mainly on rain-fed agriculture for its livelihood. Climate change thus threatens to impact all aspects of human development, including the physical environment and social vulnerabilities.

Tegemeo Institute of Egerton University seeks to incorporate climate change in its research agenda, and inform policy on mitigation and adaptation strategies necessary to deal with the risks associated with climate variability and change. The Institute aims at strengthening its capacity in research on climate change issues and conducting a study that is expected to provide empirical evidence on the effects of climate change on rural households and strategies used by these households to build resilience in the face of climate change. The Institute’s work will contribute to ongoing studies on the effects of climate change in the country and inform on various government policies related to climate change.

It is against this backdrop that the Institute organized a Workshop to bring together stakeholders in the climate change network. We belief that knowledge exchange and sharing among scientists and policy-makers is crucial in efforts geared toward making livelihoods more diverse and resilient to effects of climate change. The workshop focused on sharing information on the current research efforts in climate change being undertaken by Tegemeo Institute and other organizations/institutions in Kenya; and, creating linkages among stakeholders in the climate change network and assessing areas of possible collaboration that will avoid duplication of efforts and enhance synergies.


  1. Introduction and Workshop Objectives
  2. Proposed Research - Effects of climate change on Rural communities in Kenya
  3. Index-based weather insurance
  4. National Climate Change Response Strategy
  5. Climate Change Framework In Kenya: Post Cancun
  6. Climate Products Geared Towards Rural Livelihoods

Presentation PDF File
Inception Workshop on Climate Change and Rural Livelihoods Proceedings - PDF