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Technical Reports

  A Rapid Assessment of the Effects of the General Fertiliser Subsidy on Private Sector Fertiliser Markets

Joseph Opiyo, Zachary Simba, Tim Njagi and John Olwande

  The Development of Digital Services and their Utilization in Agriculture in Kenya

Sumedh Vedya Vutukuru and Tim Njagi

  Assessment of the Policy Enabling Environment for Large-Scale Food Fortification (LSFF)—With an Application to Kenya

Veronique Theriault, Lilian Kirimi, Ayala Wineman, Ephiphania Kinyumu, and David Tschirley

  Kenya’s Animal Feeds Manufacturing Competitiveness

Tim Njagi*

  Unfavourable Policies Constrain Post-Pandemic Recovery and Long-term Success of the Sorghum Value Chain

Tim Njagi, & Joseph Opiyo

  Does establishment of demonstration plots have an impact on farmer’s awareness, perception and use of improved maize and bean seed?

Mercy Kamau, Fredrick Bagamba, Claris Riungu, John Mburu and Robert Otundo

  Covid-19 Impacts on Food Systems in SSA - Evidence Synthesis

Andrew Agyei-Holmes, Ayala Wineman,John Olwande, Emmanuel Mwakiwa, Orcidia T. Chiziane Vilanculos,Amy Faye, Iredele Ogunbayo,Tinashe Kapuya and Thomas S. Jayne

  Sorghum Production in Kenya: Farm-level Characteristics, Constraints and Opportunities

Tim Njagi, Kevin Onyango, Lilian Kirimi,Joyce Makau

  Poverty Assessment in Rural Kenya: Explaining Trends in FTF ZOI

Miltone Ayieko, Tim Njagi, Milu Muyanga, John Olwande, Joseph Opiyo, Kevin Onyango

  Kenya Country Survey Report on FTF Zone of Influence Population Based Survey

Dr. Mary K. Mathenge, Dr. Lilian Kirimi, Dr. Mercy Kamau, Dr. Melinda Smale, Raphael Gitau, John Olwande

  Improving Participation in Agricultural Commodity Markets for Smallholder Farmers in Kenya: Assessing Growth Opportunities for Women

Lilian Kirimi, Mary Mathenge, John Olwande, Judith Oduol, Dagmar Mithöfer and Frank Place*

  Improving Participation in Agricultural Commodity Markets: Assessing Growth Opportunities for Women in the Indigenous Chicken Value Chain in Bomet and Mwala Districts

Lilian Kirimi, John Olwande, Mary Mathenge, Judith Oduol, Dagmar Mithöfer, and Frank Place*

  Improving Participation in Agricultural Commodity Markets for Smallholder Sweet Potato Farmers in Kenya: Assessing Growth Opportunities for Women in Rachuonyo District

John Olwande, Lilian Kirimi, Mary Mathenge, Judith Oduol, Dagmar Mithöfer, and Frank Place*

  Improving Participation in Agricultural Commodity Markets for Smallholder Avocado Farmers in Kenya: Assessing Growth Opportunities for Women In Kandara and Marani Districts

Judith Oduol, Frank Place, Dagmar Mithöfer, John Olwande, Lilian Kirimi and Mary Mathenge*

  Community's voice/presence in governance of food security related intiatives in Kenya. Poster presented in 10th African Crop Science Society ( ACSS ) Conference held in Maputo, Mozambiqueenya. Poster presented in 10th African Crop Science Society ( ACSS ) Conference held in Maputo, Mozambique

Mercy Kamau, Raphael Gitau, Moses Matui and James Githuku

  Participation in agricultural markets among the Poor and marginalized: analysis of factors Influencing participation and impacts on income and Poverty in kenya

Mary Mathenge, Frank Place, John Olwande, Dagmar Mithoefer

  Kenya Case Study on Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products

Nyoro, James, Ariga, Joshua, Ngugi, Isaac

  A Qualitative Analysis of Success and Failure Factors of Agricultural Cooperatives in Central Kenya

Nyoro, James, Ngugi, Isaac

  Small scale producers in modern agrifood markets (Kenya Country Key Sheet

Nyoro, James, Ngugi, Isaac

  Access to High Value Markets by Smallholder Farmers of African Indigenous Vegetables in Kenya

Ngugi, Isaac. Gitau, Raphael, Nyoro, James

  National and Regional Markets: Opportunities and Challenges for Cooperatives and Farmer Groups

Ariga, Joshua, Nyoro, James

  Internalizing Environmental Quality in a Simple Endogenous Growth Model

Ariga, Joshua

  Critique of "Agriculture and Technical Change" F.H Gruen, JPE 43(1961)

Ariga, Joshua

  Technical efficiency in Kenyan's maize production: An application of the stochastic frontier approach

Kibaara, Betty

  Liberalization of the Agricultural sector: Implications for producer organizations in Kenya

Nyoro, James

  Cooperatives and other producer organizations: Impacts of market liberalization

Nyoro, James

  Baseline characteristics of smallholder agriculture and non farm activities for selected districts in Kenya (1998)

Jayne, Thomas, Kodhek, Gem, Nyambane, G. Yamano, Takashi

  Monitoring for improved agricultural sector policy making

Argwings-Kodhek, Gem

  The Dairy Industry in Kenya: The Post-Liberalization Agenda

Karanja, Andrew

  Coffee Prices and Regulation and Their Impact on Livelihoods of Rural Community in Kenya

Karanja, Andrew, Nyoro, James

  Wheat Farmers Seed Management and Varietal Adoption in Kenya

Gamba, Paul, Ngugi,Caroline, Verkuijl, H. Mwangi, W. Kiriswa, Frank

  Agriculture and Rural Growth in Kenya.

Nyoro, James

  Urban Maize Meal Consumption Patterns: Strategies for Improving Food Access for Vulnerable Urban Households in Kenya

Mukumbu, Mulinge, Jayne, Thomas

  Trends in Regional Agricultural Productivity in Kenya

Nyoro, James, Jayne, Thomas

  Successes And Challenges of Food Market Reform: Experiences From Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia, And Zimbabwe

Jayne, Mukumbu, Chisvo, Tschirley, Zulu, Weber, Johansson, Santos, Soroko

  How Can Micro-Level Household Information Make a Difference for Agricultural Policy Making? Selected Examples from the KAMPAP Survey of Smallholder Agriculture and Non Farm Activities for Selected Districts in Kenya.

Kodhek, Gem, Jayne, Thomas, Nyambane, G. Awuor, T. Yamano

  Factors Affecting the Distribution and Use Of Fertilizer in Kenya: Preliminary Assessment.

Mose, Lawrence

  Contemporary Issues Determining the Future of Kenyan Agriculture: An Agenda for Policy and Research

Argwings-Kodhek, Gem

  Maize Productivity And Impact of Market Liberalization in Kenya

Karanja, Daniel, Jayne, Thomas, Strasberg, Paul

  Determinants of Agricultural Productivity in Kenya

Owuor, Joseph

  Marketing costs and their influence on farm-gate and consumer prices Measuring Income and The Potential For Poverty Reduction In Rural Kenya

Argwings-Kodhek, Gem, Mathenge, Mary, Tschirley, David Bridget A. Ochieng, Betty W. Landan

  Kenya beef sector: Is feedlot production system a viable alternative option

Dr. Samwel Mburu