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 The ELLA Online Learning Alliance (LEA) on Land Tenure in Pastoralist Societies kicks off ...

About the Evidence and Lessons from Latin America (ELLA) Program

Tegemeo Institute, under the Evidence and Lessons from Latin America (ELLA) program has been paired with GRADE (Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo) a research centre based in Peru, to undertake a collaborative research on land governance issues for enhancing smallholder livelihoods in both the Andean countries and in the East African region. The study conducted in both regions is on Land Tenure in Pastoralist Societies. In Latin America, the study focuses on Peru while in in the East African region, Kenya is the case study. GRADE is one of the leading regional research centres with a strong and solid research capacity on natural resources management and governance, with special focus on water governance and extractive industries in Latin America with emphasis on the Central Andes region.

The two regions face challenges arising from land governance and while the context is different for the two countries, there are similarities in the lessons that can be drawn for improving land rights that will enhance smallholder livelihoods, particularly that of pastoralists. Under the project, each research institution is undertaking a country research paper, then both research centres will jointly work on a comparative study. The comparative research will be based upon the cases of Peru in Latin America and Kenya in East Africa, with some evidence from the other selected countries in both regions.

The project is now at the research uptake phase, having conducted the intial phases of the study. In the current phase, the online Learning and Exchange Alliance (LEA), we are engaging stakeholders in an online platform, where the two research centres will share key research findings, providing for both learning and exchange of knowledge amongst all involved.

Introduction to the ELLA LEAs 2016 

ELLA online Learning Alliances offer structured exchange and learning between peers - on topics with scope for inter-regional lesson-learning between Latin America and Africa. They are structured around rigorous ELLA inter-regional comparative research comparing and contrasting development experiences in the two regions. Participants in the Alliances can expect to gain insights to inform policies and practices in their own countries, and to network with professional peers, opening up opportunities for inter-regional collaboration.

An ELLA Learning Alliance:

Six new ELLA Learning Alliances have been opened up for registration. The ELLA Learning Alliances are on: Informality and Inclusive GrowthLand Tenure in Pastoralist SocietiesLocal Content in Oil and GasCommunity Based Crime PreventionDomestic Violence, and Horizontal Accountability.

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Tegemeo-ELLA Study - Regional Evidence Paper

Tegemeo-ELLA Policy Brief 2

Tegemeo-ELLA Policy Brief 1

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Tegemeo-ELLA Infographic 1

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