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Following the interview process carried out by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and after consultation with the Cabinet Secretary for Education, in exercise of the provisions of Section 35(1)(a)(v) of the Universities Act, 2012, we, the Egerton University Council, have on this 5th Day of October 2021 appointed Prof. Isaac Ongubo Kibwage, HSC as the new Vice-Chancellor of Egerton University.

We would like to congratulate Prof. Isaac Ongubo Kibwage for this new appointment.

We would like to ask the entire university community to accord him the necessary support.

In unison, Tegemeo Institute congratulates Prof. Isaac Ongubo Kibwage on his new appointment as the new Vice-Chancellor of Egerton University.

visit https://www.egerton.ac.ke/notice-board/appointment-of-the-vice-chancellor