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Tegemeo Participates in the Tanzania Varietal Monitoring Project Dissemination Workshop, March 1, 2018


Workshop Participants

  • Tegemeo Institute in collaboration with partner organizations in Tanzania namely; Sokoine University, Mikocheni Agricultural Institute and the National Bureau of Statistics of Tanzania have been implementing a Varietal monitoring project across three zones in Tanzania.
  • The project was based on the premise surrounding low/stagnating agricultural productivity and ambiguity of statistics on the adoption of improved varieties in Sub-Sahara Africa. Therefore, the project sought to collect information regarding the adoption baseline values in a precise manner.
  • To achieve this, the project combined both the traditional/farmer recall method and the DNA finger-printing technique to provide precise evidence on seed classification/misclassification and adoption estimates.
  • As part of the outreach for the project, a workshop was held under the theme “Improving Smallholder Productivity through Varietal Adoption and Diffusion” at Nashera Hotel, Morogoro, Tanzania on 22nd February, 2018 to share the findings with the stakeholder in the agricultural sector.

Part of the event in pictures...

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