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Tegemeo participates at the Mau - Egerton Cross Country 2017


Tegemeo Institute, as has been the norm, was once again well represented at the Mau - Egerton Cross Country. An event that is held annually with aim of rehabilitating and conserving the Mau Ecosystem and the Njoro River. 

This is a brain child of Egerton University, and in line with its vision to be a world class University for the advancement of humanity the Institution draws from its strengths in Agriculture and environment.

Over the past three years, the University initiated restoration of riparian forest vegetation along the middle section of the Njoro River. This follows decades of environmental degradation of natural vegetation in the Mau complex that has led to decline in water quality and quantity hence compromising local economies and livelihoods.

The Mau - Egerton Cross Country otherwise known as 'Run for the Mau" is geared towards rehabilitation of the environment and complementing the Governments  Vision 2030 flagship project on environment.


Part of the team participating at the Mau - Egerton Cross Country 2017 ...

The Njoro River is one of the main rivers emanating from Eastern Mau and draining into Lake Nakuru. It is one of the flaship projects on environmetal conservation under Kenya Government Vision 2030 being executed by Egerton University.

It is also the main source of water for Lake Nakuru, a home of millions of flamingoes and other animals that act as a source of tourist attraction. Additionally, the Njoro River is a source of drinking water for the community around Egerton and also ground water that is used by the University. 

The Objectives of the project include:

1. improve water quality

2. solid waste management

3. increased forest cover

4. support community initiatives

5. create enviromental awareness & lobby for funding

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