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Tegemeo Conference 2015, 10th-11th November, 2015

Theme: Transforming Smallholder Agriculture in Kenya in the Context of Climate Change, Devolution and Increasing Land Constraints

Date: 10th - 11th November 2015

Veneu: Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS)

 Tegemeo Institute Director Dr. Mary Mathenge addresses the Tegemeo Conference 2015 participants

Tegemeo Institute Director Dr. Mary Mathenge addresses the Tegemeo Conference 2015 participants

The core mandate of Tegemeo Institute is to conduct policy research and disseminate findings in an objective manner. In so doing, the Institute responds to contemporary agriculture related policy issues and challenges as well as providing information to policy makers that can help in the formulation of appropriate policy strategies in agriculture and rural development sectors of Kenya.

Through its work, the Institute has developed into one of the leading centers on agricultural policy research and analysis and has become a reservoir of knowledge and information on rural livelihoods. The Institute undertakes empirical research and analysis on topical agricultural policy issues and promotes policy dialogue and advocacy via the dissemination of various research findings to a large number of stakeholders including government, private sector, development agencies, and civil society, among others.

Recently, in collaboration with Michigan State University and with the support of the USAID Mission in Kenya Tegemeo carried out research on the implications of various challenges affecting the agriculture sector and shared the findings in a two day conference held in Nairobi; with policy makers and other stakeholders. The theme of the conference was “Transforming Smallholder Agriculture in Kenya in the Context of Climate Change, Devolution and Increasing Land Constraints”. Key discussion points were organized in sub themes focusing on Land Access, Climate variability and Change, Input Intensification and Subsidy Agricultural Information Systems, Devolution and Innovations.

The Institute Director Dr. Mary Mathenge notes that the Conference objective was to create an interface between policy makers, researchers and other sector stakeholders to share research findings and facilitate dialogue on the way forward in transforming smallholder agriculture. Additionally, Dr. Mathenge says this was mainly informed by information that the agriculture sector is a key driver of the economic pillar of the Kenya Vision 2030 and its contribution to the overall economic growth and food security in the country cannot be overemphasized. Over the last five years, the sector has contributed over 25% of the GDP.

Further, it is estimated that about 80% of farmers in the country are smallholder farmer, however they account for a significantly low proportion of agricultural production. The issue of how to improve smallholder production is a pertinent question for government, development partners, research institutions, civil society organization and the farmers themselves. Hence the reason Tegemeo Institute organised the two day workshop to share findings and discuss pertinent issues which will greatly improve pursuit of the goal of transforming smallholder agriculture in Kenya and ensure that policies and programs are tailored to improve productivity and efficiency of smallholder farmers.

The conference drew together participants from the public sector, specifically from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries; semi-autonomous government agencies in the agricultural sector; county governments; private sector organizations; civil society organizations; development agencies; universities and research institutes; farmer representatives among others. It took place on the 10th and 11th November 2015 at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies in Ruaraka, Nairobi, Kenya.

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