Who We Are


Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development is a policy research institute under the Division of Research and Extension ofEgerton University. The Institute is established under Statute 23 (14-t) of the Egerton University Statutes, 2013 under the Universities Act , 2012 (No. 42 of 2012) and its Instruments.

What We Do

The Institute conducts Research and Analysis on policy in the domain of Agriculture, Rural development, Natural resources and Environment. It aims at addressing micro and macroeconomic policy issues bearing on farming, transportation, processing, marketing, and trade of agricultural products and inputs; sustainability of agricultural systems and natural resources as well as the environment; and commercialization, income growth and food security. The focus is as follows:

  1. Conducting systematic research to identify, characterize and assess production, processing, marketing, trade and policy factors that impact on competitiveness and comparative advantage of major agricultural commodity systems. The major purpose is to identify options for achieving sustained growth of agricultural income and employment.
  2. Conducting research to understand interrelationships between agriculture and other sectors of the economy for the purpose of elucidating complementarities and synergies whose exploitation could contribute to faster and sustainable agricultural and overall growth.
  3. Conducting research to identify, understand and assess food and income access constraints especially for vulnerable groups. The major purpose is to identify options for developing an improved and sustainable food system that assures access to adequate food for all. Access to resources, nutrition status and consumption patterns are important components.
  4. Conducting research to understand how institutions impact on incentives and the behavior of all the actors in the domains implied in the above objectives. The aim is to identify policy and institutional reforms that have the greatest potential to promote national objectives.
  5. Offering training courses seminars and workshops in the area of agricultural, natural resources and environmental policy analysis and implementation as well as management of agricultural enterprises.
  6. Tegemeo's approach is to combine research, capacity building and outreach. The following are the main features of the Institute's approach:
    1. Research on issues and policies that impact on agriculture, natural resources, environment and rural development with the aim of generating practical options for addressing contemporary problems.
    2. Building of a data bank of information that could be useful in rural and agricultural policy analysis, formulation and implementation.
    3. Outreach activity to inform on research findings and their implications for policy formulation and decision-making.
    4. Holding of conferences, workshops, seminars, and briefings to communicate research findings and provide a forum for open discussion among researchers and other professionals, university academicians, policy analysts, policy advisors, policy makers and representatives of farmers, manufacturers, traders and other stakeholders.
    5. Publication of the research works in proceedings, working papers, professional journals and popular media to assure wide dissemination.
    6. Supporting the development and strengthening of capacity building for policy research, analysis and outreach.
    7. Collaboration on research and exchange of information with institutions and agencies with similar interests and engaged in similar work.