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Author(s):  Nyoro, James; Ngugi, Isaac

The actors along agribusiness supply chains in Kenya comprise of producers, brokers, processors, wholesalers, retailers and exporters. In regard to retail level, the main formal retailers for fresh fruit and vegetables are supermarkets and groceries. Leading supermarkets include Nakumatt, Uchumi, Tusker Mattress, Ukwala and Safeways. Uchumi has extended its network to Kampala, Uganda, where it is competing with Shoprite of South Africa.

In line with the growing global internationalization of food retailing, there are foreign multinational supermarkets in Kenya such as Woolworths of South Africa. Although Woolworths in other countries stock food items, the three branches in Kenya specialize in clothing and kitchen equipment or items. Another foreign supermarket, Metro Cash and Carry had branches in the country but closed recently. Groceries in Nairobi include Westlands Green Grocers, Zucchini Vegetable Shop and Corner shop.

In addition to supermarkets and groceries, other key buyers of fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and meat including poultry are hospitals, hotel chains and fast food chains. The main fast food chains in Kenya are Steers, Kengeles and Innscor Kenya Ltd including also Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Nandos, Creamy Inn, Bakers Inn and On the Run. Steers and Innscor Kenya are franchises with headquarters in South Africa.

In the informal or traditional channel, large retail markets for fresh fruit and vegetables in Nairobi are City park, Gikomba, Kangemi, Kiserian and Githurai. In wholesaling, the main wholesalers of fresh fruit and vegetables include Mugoya and Fresh ‘n’ Juici.

In addition there is a large wholesale market, Wakulima, in Nairobi. The main brokers of fresh fruit and vegetables are associated with this wholesale market. The hygiene conditions of the wholesale market have improved following a thorough clean-up and renovation in 2005. There is adoption of quantity standards for instance in potatoes. The hawking of fresh fruit and vegetables at the streets of Nairobi was banned by the local government in 2006.

In regard to exports, key exporters of horticultural crops include Homegrown (Kenya) Ltd, Kenya Horticultural Exporters, Sher Agencies, Vegpro (Kenya) Ltd, Wilham (Kenya) Ltd, East African Growers, Oserean development company Ltd, Sunripe Ltd, Frigoken Ltd and Everest enterprises. Most of these exporters are producers-cum-processors. Some exporters do sub-contract small-scale farmers through out-grower.

Small scale producers in modern agrifood markets (Kenya Country Key Sheet)


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