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Kenya Case Study on Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Dairy Products


Author(s):  Nyoro,James; Ariga, Joshua; Ngugi, Isaac

Horticulture has been regarded as a success story in Kenya. Growth in the fresh fruits and vegetables has contributed significantly to this success. Main producers of these commodities are smallholders who depend on them for incomes, food security and employment.

Dairy is another important income earner and source of food for these producers. Domestic demand for these agri-foods is growing due to the increasing population and urban drift and increase in purchasing power of certain categories of people. Opportunities exist to raise the demand for these products through the existing traditional markets, supermarkets and institutions like hotels and hospitals.

As a result of the possible concentration in the processing and retail of these food commodities, and taking into account trends of the emergence of supermarkets in particular as key outlets for food in other countries, a country case study of fruits, vegetables and dairy products was commissioned in Kenya with the objectives of a) identifying and empirically assessing how the marketing of these products are currently organized, b) examining the role of primary producers and their economic organizations in negotiating market access and improving terms of trade in specific agricultural supply chains.

Data used in this study comprise both secondary and primary. Primary data were collected by interviews mainly with procurement staff of hotels, supermarkets, a grocery and hospitals. Empirical data were analyzed using excel software.

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