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An Analysis of Agricultural Sector Funding By County Governments


Authors: Timothy Njagi, Lilian Kirimi, Kevin Onyango, and Nthenya Kinyumu


Kenya transitioned to the devolved system of governance with the county governments taking office in March 2013. The county governments have been allocated significant responsibilities in the agricultural sector. We analysed the first year county government budgets (2013/14) focusing on the funding for the agricultural sector. We find that although the county governments have allocated a considerable proportion of their expenditure to development, the share allocated to the agricultural sector is low, ranging from 0 to 24 per cent. This puts at risk ongoing programs in the sector and may potentially slow down the growth momentum experienced in the sector. We recommend increasing allocation under the revised budgets and prioritization of the agricultural sector in the county government medium term plans.

An Analysis of Agricultural Sector Funding By County Governments.pdf


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