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Market Participation among Poor Rural Households in Kenya




Author(s):  John Olwande and Mary Mathenge

Kenya's smallholder agriculture remains a major engine of rural growth and livelihood improvement, yet it is largely semi-subsistence. Therefore, any pathway that can lift large numbers of the rural poor out of poverty will require some form of transformation of smallholder agriculture into a more commercialized production system. Unfortunately, the many poor smallholder farmers are constrained by several factors in their quest to be more commercial oriented in farming. To promote market oriented production by poor smallholder farmers, policy actions are needed to help them expand their production through improving productivity and access to land. Input subsidy programs targeting poor smallholders is one way in which productivity can be improved. Actions to address challenges along the valuechains for agricultural commodities also need to be emphasized. Promotion of collective action among poor smallholder farmers would be one area in which investments need to be channelled.

Market Participation among Poor Rural Households in Kenya







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