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A Farm Gate-to-Consumer Value Chain Analysis of Kenya’s Maize Marketing System




Author(s):  Lilian Kirimi, Nicholas Sitko, T.S. Jayne, Francis Karin, Milu Muyanga, Megan Sheahan, James Flock, and Gilbert Bor

Maize is the most important staple food in Kenyans’ diets, providing roughly a third of the caloric intake for Kenya’s population. It is also the central crop in Kenyan agriculture, being grown by 98% of Kenya’s 3.5 million smallholder farmers. Developing appropriate maize marketing and trade policies in the context of a growing structural deficit in maize and ever shrinking smallholder farm sizes requires a detailed understanding of the organization and performance of Kenya’s maize value chain. This study describes the operation of Kenya’s maize value chain two decades after the liberalization process began.

A farm gate-to-consumer value chain analysis of Kenya's maize marketing system







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