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Technical Efficiency in Kenya’s Maize Production: The Stochastic Frontier Approach

Author(s):  Kibaara ,Betty

The main objective is to determine levels of technical efficiency among the maize producing farms in Kenya. Secondly, we identify some socio-economic characteristics and management practices which influence technical efficiency in maize production. These include: access to credit, years of school, age of the household head, off-farm income, gender of the household head, quality of maize seed, and use of machines. The quality of maize seed is a proxy for good management practice. Thirdly, the level of responsiveness of yield to the main factors of production namely, seed, labor and fertilizer is estimated. Finally, the study suggests appropriate policies given the empirical results. The study uses a subset of the data from the rural household survey for the 2003/2004 main harvest-cropping seasons from the 24 districts in Kenya. The study applies the recent developments in the Stochastic Frontier Modeling.

 Technical Efficiency in Kenya's Maize Production: The Stochastic Frontier Approach


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