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MLE Training Report and Content, 9th-13th October 2017

A summary report on the MLE Training ... 

Meet the Training Experts ... 

Training Program ... 

Course on Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation (MLE) by Dr. Tesfaye Beshah

Guding the Strategy by Tesfaye Beshah

M&E as learning: Rethinking the dominant paradigm by Jim Woodhill

Evaluation Matrix For An End Of Project Evaluation For Value Chain Development Project

Handout 02 The Logical Framework

Handout 3a - Indicator Criteria Table

Illustrative Indicator Monitoring Framework

Handout: Logframe Matrix

Focus on M&E System Design and Learning by Dr. Rosern Rwampororo

 Agricultural Results Framework 

General Approaches to Evaluation by Dr. Mercy Kamau

Developing Evaluation Questions & Starting the Design Matrix by Dr. Mercy Kamau

General Approaches to Evaluation

Guide for the Evaluator: Evaluation Ethics, Politics, Standards, and Guiding Principles by Dr. Mercy Kamau

MLE Sales Pitch by Dr. Mercy Kamau

Selecting the DesignsSelecting the Designs by Dr. Mercy Kamau

Data Requirements and Management by Dr. Tim Njagi

Reporting of M&E Findings by Dr. Tesfaye Beshah

M&E Reports and Communication, by Dr. Tesfaye Beshah

Defining Information Needs for Different Stakeholders by Dr. Tesfaye Beshah

Group Work Exercise Defining Information needs of different stakeholders

Group Work: Reflecting on organizational learning

Knowledge Management by Dr. Tesfaye Beshah

Performance Management by Dr. Tesfaye Beshah

Theories and Concepts of Learning by Tesfaye BeshahTheories and Concepts of Learning by Dr. Tesfaye Beshah







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