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Can the Market Deliver? Lessons from Kenya's Rising use of Fertilizer following Liberalization

Author(s):  Ariga,Joshua; Jayne,Thomas


Fertilizer use has increased dramatically in Kenya since the fertilizer market was liberalized in the early 1990s. Kenya is the only country in Sub-Saharan Africa that has achieved at least 30% growth in fertilizer use per cropped hectare over the past decade and which already started from a relatively high base (25kgs per hectare or more by the early 1990s, Table 1).

Using national consumption figures, prior research has been unable to show whether small farmers or large farms and estates are driving this growth, whether the increased fertilizer consumption is being devoted to smallholder food crops or mainly industrial crops such as tea and sugarcane, or whether the growth in fertilizer use is attributable to any particular type of fertilizer delivery supply chains. Our study sheds light on these three issues.

 Can the Market Deliver ? Lessons from Kenya's Rising use of Fertilizer following Liberalization






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