Tegemeo Hosts 3rd ReNAPRI Annual Stakeholders Conference, 2016

Conference on Anticipating Africa’s Agricultural Transformation Pathways in the Context of Climate Change: Lessons from the Current Regional Drought” 

Tegemeo Conference 2015

Conference on "Transforming Smallholder Agriculture in Kenya in the Context of Climate Change,

Devolution and Increasing Land Constraints"

Tegemeo Conference 2010

Conference on Expanding Kenya's Agricultural Competitiveness, Market Access and Food Security: Research Findings and Policy Options
Tegemeo Conference 2008
Conference on Agricultural Productivity, Competitiveness and Rural Poverty in Kenya: Laying the Foundation for the Kenya Vision 2030
Tegemeo Conference 2006
Conference On Agricultural Inputs And Services: Impacts On Agricultural Productivity, Competitiveness And Food Security
Tegemeo Conference 2005
Conference On Integrating Consumers In Policy And Program Agenda In Kenyan Agriculture
Tegemeo Conference 2004
Conference On Enhancing Agricultural Competitiveness For Economic Growth And Poverty Reduction