Press Releases

Press Release on the Food Situation in Kenya 2019, 17th April 2019


Press Release for the various Conference 2017 Topics


Press Release on the Breakfast Forum on Assessing Costs of Maize and Rice: Implications For Food Security, 5th October 2017

Press Release on the Food Situation and Rising Commodity Prices in Kenya, 25th May 2017

The Cost of Maize & Rice Production in Small & Large scale Systems 2015, 10th October 2016

Changing Consumption Patterns Among Rural & Urban Households In Kenya, 10th October 2016

Kenya Maize Prospects and Food Situation, 10th October 2016

Improving Fertilizer Supply Through Zoning and e-procurement, 21st September 2016

Land Access and Youth Participation in Agriculture, 28th July 2016

Assessing the Cost of Production Structures in Kenya Dairy Systems Study: Summary, 19th July 2016

Agri benchmark Cash Crop Conference 2016, Bangkok, Thailand,26th and 30th June 2016

Press release issued during a Press Conference, 10th December 2015, Nairobi

Key messages released per topic:

Food Situation Assesment 2015 press release, 14th July 2015

Irrigation as answer to Food Security in Kenya, 14th July 2015

Cost of Maize Production across Different Systems and Regions in Kenya, 14th July 2015

Exploring Strategies for Increasing Uptake of Improved Seed in Uganda, 30th April 2015

Status of agriculture sector after devolution to county government, 9th December 2014

Status of agriculture sector after devolution to county government, 28th July 2014

Joint Release:- Food security at risk from limited seed systems, say experts, 16th July 2014

An Analysis of Agricultural Sector Funding by County Governments, 16th April 2014

Concern for seed adequacy in_2014_cropping year, 25th March 2014

Achieving Sustained Food Supply in Kenya: The Role of Selected Policy Instruments, 24th October 2013



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