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Breakfast Forum on Assessing Costs of Maize Production in Kenya: Implications For Food Security and Household Income, 14th July 2015

BKF 14.07.15

Date :  14th July 2015

Time : 7.00am - 10.30am

Venue : PanAfric Hotel


Maize production in Kenya has continuously faced a number of challenges that have hampered food availability and access. These challenges include, low productivity, high input costs, post-harvest losses, climate variability and change, among others. To address the challenge of high input costs, the Government launched an aggressive programme of providing subsidized fertilizer to farmers. It was expected that this programme, coupled with other interventions, would bring down the costs of maize production and consequently maize flour prices. In addition, the Government is investing in large scale irrigated maize production in order to reduce reliance on rain-fed agriculture, and thus deal with the problem of perennial maize shortage.

Given the strategic role that maize plays in food security and household income, it is imperative to have continued assessment and deliberation on feasible options that could lower costs of production and hence ensure competitiveness in production and lower food prices. In light of this, Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development, Egerton University has been carrying out regular/annual assessment of production costs for maize to help inform on this debate. We have recently assessed the cost of production for the 2014/15 cropping year under different production systems and fertilizer access regimes, the viability of irrigated maize, and the status of the current food situation in Kenya.

The following findings from these studies were shared with stakeholders:


1. Cost of Maize Across Different Systems and Regions in Kenya: Implications for Food Security and Pricing

2. Can Irrigation be an Answer to Increased Maize Production snd Food Security in Kenya?

3. Trends in maize grain and flour prices: Implications for food security

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